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Major in General Philosophy

The general philosophy major requires 12 philosophy courses. There is a distribution requirement and a level requirement.

The distribution requirement is satisfied when a student has taken and passed the following six courses:

  • Phil 3 - History of Ancient Philosophy
  • Phil 4 - History of Modern Philosophy
  • Phil 5 - Logic
  • two courses in contemporary theoretical philosophy such as: metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, and logic
  • one course in ethics or political philosophy

The level requirement is satisfied by a student taking at least four courses 200 or above, including two 300-level courses (excluding PHIL 310).

Majors may petition the Department through the Undergraduate Chairperson to count up to two courses offered outside of the Philosophy Department toward twelve courses of the major. These courses should be related to the student's philosophical interests and may not be used to satisfy either the distribution or the level requirements.

Please consult the Undergraduate Chairperson with any questions regarding requirements.