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University Closure During COVID-19


January 19, 2021


Dear Students,


The Philosophy Department has been working to maintain continuity for our undergraduate students during these unprecedented events. We will be doing everything possible to maintain our usual procedures with regards to student advising, records, and course management.


As we prepare to continue remote learning for the Spring, please regularly check email, Canvas, and any other platforms that your instructors use, so that you will be up to date as things continue to change in the coming days. Please keep lines of communication open with your instructors and advisors, and be proactive in raising concerns about access, work-load, special accommodations, etc.


We are all in this together. We understand that flexibility and creative problem solving will be required in the coming weeks ­– but we will not know about student-facing problems unless you tell us.


Thank you for your patience and understanding in these uncertain times.


Contact Information for current and prospective majors:

Undergraduate Chair Philosophy, Susan Meyer

Program Director Logic, Information and Computation (LGIC), Scott Weinstein

Undergraduate Coordinator Philosophy and LGIC, Ilana Weitz 


Important Dates to remember:

·      First day of classes January 20 

·      Last day to add a class February 2

·      Deadline to apply for May graduation February 5

·      No class February 12 

·      Last day to drop a class March 1

·      Spring Break March 10-11

·      Last day to change grade type (i.e., pass/fail) March 19

·      Advance Registration for Summer/Fall March 22-April 4

·      Last day to withdraw from a course March 29

·      No class March 30

·      No class April 12

·      Last day of class April 29

·      Reading Days April 29-May 2

·      Final exams May 4-11

·      Spring term ends May 11

·      University Baccalaureate May 16

·      College graduation May 16

·      University Commencement May 17


To declare a major or minor in Philosophy:

Students wishing to declare a major or minor must first schedule an advising appointment with the Undergraduate Chair, Susan Meyer via Calendly


After your meeting, please download the Major/Minor declaration form. Fill out your information, then email the form to Susan Meyer for her signature.

You will receive a confirmation email from Undergraduate Coordinator, Ilana Weitz, once the major/minor has been officially declared in the student records system.


If you encounter problems with accessing or using the form, please email Susan Meyer for alternate instructions.


To declare a major or minor in LGIC:

Please email Program Director Scott Weinstein to schedule an advising session and for instructions.


You will receive a confirmation email from Undergraduate Coordinator Ilana Weitz once the major/minor has been officially declared in the student records system.


To request a permit for a course during open enrollment:

Please email the course instructor for permission and ask that they cc Undergraduate Coordinator Ilana Weitz with their response. Once permission is granted, Ms. Weitz will issue the permit for you to claim on PennInTouch.


To minimize delay in obtaining a permit please make sure, before asking to enroll, that your existing schedule does not contain time conflicts with the course you are requesting and that enrolling in the course will not cause you to exceed your allowed credit maximum. Contact your advisor if you need help resolving these issues.


To schedule a Philosophy advising appointment with Undergraduate Chair Susan Meyer:

Students should continue to request advising appointments via Calendly. Professor Meyer will then send you a Zoom link for a virtual meeting. If you do not have access to a webcam or internet connection fast enough for a Zoom meeting, email Professor Meyer for instructions on setting up a phone meeting. Please note that all meeting times are Eastern Time (i.e., Philadelphia time) unless otherwise specified.


To schedule an LGIC advising appointment with Program Director Scott Weinstein:

Please email Professor Weinstein for instructions.


General Instructor and TA office hours:

Please check the Canvas page for your courses for information about virtual office hours or email your instructors.


Evaluation for honors:

If you are enrolled in a 500-level course and plan to pursue honors through a paper for the course, please email the instructor to formulate a plan regarding paper due date and final evaluation. You must submit the completed agreement form to the undergraduate coordinator no later than February 2, 2021.