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Philosophy Courses Satisfying College Requirements

Sector I: Society

  • PHIL002: Ethics
  • PHIL008: The Social Contract
  • PHIL072: Biomedical Ethics
  • PHIL077: Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL 211: Greek and Roman Ethics

Sector II: History and Tradition

  • PHIL-003: Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • PHIL-004: History of Modern Philosophy 
  • PHIL-050: Introduction to Indian Philosophy

Sector III: Arts and Letters

  • PHIL-080: Aesthetics

Sector IV: Humanities and Social Sciences

  • PHIL-001: Introduction to Philosophy

Sector VII: Natural Sciences and Mathematics

  • PHIL-025: Philosophy of Science
  • PHIL-226: Philosophy of Biology

Formal Reasoning & Analysis

  • PHIL-005: Formal Logic
  • PHIL-015: Logic and Formal Reasoning
  • PHIL-044: Introduction to Cognitive Science

 Cross-Cultural Analysis

  • PHIL-050: Introduction to Indian Philosophy

Please see Phil College Sector Courses .pdf for a downloadable list of courses which satisfy Sector or Foundational requirements. This list is regularly updated.