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Penn's Project for Philosophy for the Young
Penn knows early childhood education and access is important. In collaboration with the School District of Philadelphia, this project aims to help K- 12 educators to integrate philosophical themes in their classrooms and organize fun and challenging student activities to foster a love of philosophy across the lifespan. Learn more about this project
Penn’s Prison Project
Penn believes education is for everyone. This initiative’s goal is to offer academically-rigorous education, including credit-bearing courses for non-traditional populations. Taught by Penn faculty and graduate students, this program offers courses in philosophy and mathematics.
The Galápagos Education and Research Alliance
Penn’s public engagement is global. The Galápagos Education and Research Alliance (GERA) aims to support Galápagos communities in protecting biodiversity, building resilience against climate change, and promoting the health of humans and non-humans alike. Using a community science approach, GERA partners with the people of the Galápagos to balance growth and conservation efforts. Learn more about this research here