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Joint J.D. /M.D. & Ph.D. Program

The J.D.-Ph.D. Program
The Graduate Council of the Faculties at the University of Pennsylvania has approved a J.D./Ph.D. Program in Law and Philosophy. The program allows students to earn two degrees: the J.D. and the Ph.D. in philosophy. Students must meet all the requirements for these respective degrees as set out by the Law School, the Philosophy Department, and the Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences (as approved by the Graduate Council of the Faculties). In practice, this means fulfilling the normal requirements for each degree, with certain cases of double-counting of courses. The program of study, taking into account the merging of the requirements for the two degrees, is summarized in this table.
A financial aid package is available, which provides the normal graduate stipend (including health insurance, if not otherwise covered) for five years, and tuition support for six years (including a forgivable loan for law tuition). Students admitted to the program receive a letter setting out the aid package in some detail.
The M.D.-Ph.D. Program
The Medical School, in cooperation with the various Ph.D. programs of the University, operates an M.D.-Ph.D. known as the Medical Scientist Training Program. Students admitted to this program work out an approved course of study allowing them to fulfill the requirements for both the M.D. and Ph.D. degrees. M.D.-Ph.D. students seeking the Ph.D. in philosophy have typically begun their studies with two years of course work in philosophy.