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Master's of Arts in Philosophy

The M.A. degree requires the completion of eight regularly scheduled graduate courses in philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. No independent studies or transfer credits may be counted toward this requirement. No course with a grade lower than B- will count; a 3.0 GPA in the eight courses is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the degree.

M.A. candidates must also satisfy the following requirements:

  1. One LOGIC course (505, 506, or any more advanced logic course approved by the Graduate Chair)
  2. a distribution requirement consisting of one course in metaphysics and/or epistemology, one course in the history of philosophy, and one course in value theory;
  3. a research requirement, satisfied either by preparing a thesis that is approved by two members of the standing faculty OR by completing a course of research character, as directed by the Graduate Group, and including the submission of at least one substantial scholarly paper containing original research and receiving a grade of B or better.

Continuing or terminating students may apply to the Graduate Division to graduate with the degree of M.A. at any time upon or in anticipation of the completion of these requirements; the Graduate Division requires continuous registration through the semester in which the degree is awarded.

Students who are specifically admitted for the M.A. degree rather than into the Ph.D. program are not eligible to take philosophy 600.