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Department Colloquia

Agnes Callard, "Savage Commands"

Please join us on Friday, April 21st for a department colloquia featuring Professor Agnes Callard! 
Dr. Callard is an Associate Professor in Philosophy at the University of Chicago. Her research focuses on ancient philosophy and ethics. This event will be held in Cohen 402 with a reception to follow.
Title: Savage Commands

Scudéry’s Portraits: Patriarchy, Agency, and Genre

Please join us on Friday, March 24th for a colloquium featuring Allauren Forbes! 
This event will take place in 402 Claudia Cohen Hall from 3:30- 5:00pm, with a reception to follow. This event will additionally be accessible via Zoom. For the link, please contact the department administrator at
Title: “Scudéry’s Portraits: Patriarchy, Agency, and Genre”

Jennifer Morton: The Nature of Poverty

Poverty has traditionally been conceived as a state of deprivation. To be poor is to lack something that is essential to human flourishing. How that something is conceived—in terms of welfare, resources, or capabilities—and how it is to be measured—in absolute terms or as relative to a social standard—has been the subject of much debate within development circles.