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Stephen R. Perry

John J. O. Brien Professor of Law and Philosophy

John J. O'Brien Professor of Law & Professor of Philosophy Director, Institute for Law and Philosophy


D.Phil Oxford, LL.B Toronto

Research Interests

  • Legal Philosophy
  • Torts
  • Political Philosophy

Stephen Perry's research interests include the methodology of jurisprudence, the general nature of authority and obligation in law, the role of corrective justice in tort law, the morality of risk imposition, and the relationship between legal and moral responsibility.

Selected Publications

Risk, Harm, Interests, and Rights, in RISK: PHILOSOPHICAL PERSPECTIVES 190 (Tim Lewens ed., Routledge 2007).

Hart on Social Rules and the Foundations of Law: Liberating the Internal Point of View, 75 FORDHAM L. REV. 1171 (2006).

Associative Obligations and the Obligation to Obey the Law, in EXPLORING LAW’S EMPIRE: THE JURISPRUDENCE OF RONALD DWORKIN 183 (Scott Hershovitz ed., Oxford Univ. Press 2006). Law and Obligation, 50 AMER. J. JURISP. 263 (2005).

Harm, History, and Counterfactuals, 40 SAN DIEGO L. REV. 1283 (2003). Method and Principle in Legal Theory, 111 YALE L.J. 1757 (2002).

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