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Jesse Hamilton

M.A. University of Pennsylvania
B.S. La Salle University

My primary interests lie in moral philosophy, political philosophy, and philosophy of science. Before coming to Penn, I spent time in the U.S. Army and then in finance.
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Research Interests

  • Science and democracy
  • Human rights
  • Climate change
  • Military ethics
  • Public understanding of science

Selected Publications

  • Weisberg, D.S., Landrum, A.R., Hamilton, J., and Weisberg, M. (2021). “Knowledge about the nature of science increases public acceptance of science regardless of identity factors,” Public Understanding of Science.
  • Hamilton, J. (Forthcoming). “Recruiting, Training, and the Permissible Bounds of Preventing and Mitigating Moral Injury in the U.S. Military,” in Preventing and Treating the Invisible Wounds of War: Combat Trauma, Moral Injury, and Psychological Health. Oxford University Press.
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