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Jason Rheins

B.A. in Philosophy (with honors), Stanford University

B.A. in Classics, Stanford University

Dissertation Title: 

 The Origins and Functions of Plato's Immanent and Transcendent Theologies


Dean's Dissertation Completion Fellowship 2008-2009

Dean's Summer Research Fellowship, 2007

Penn Excellence in Teaching Award for Graduate Students, 2005

William Penn Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania, 2003-2008

Philip K. Rhinelander Award (Stanford University Philosophy Department Prize), 2003

Major Grant - Stanford Undergraduate Research Program, 2002

Research Interests


  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Science
  • British Empiricism
  • Kant

Selected Publications

"Species as Similarity-based Concepts: What's Wrong with Natural Kinds and Individuals."
Carving Nature at its Joints: Topics in Contemporary Philosophy, Vol. 8. MIT Press. Forthcoming


"Philosophical Inductivism and Empirical Uncertainty"
'Induction: Historical and Contemporary Approaches', 5th Ghentian Conference in the Philosophy of Science; Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science Ghent University; July, 2008.

"Plotinus on Infinite Number."
6th annual conference of the International Society for Neoplatonic Studies; New Orleans; June, 2008.

"Species as Similarity-based Concepts: What's Wrong with Natural Kinds and Individuals."
'Carving Nature at its Joints', 11th annual Inland Northwest Philosophy Conference;
University of Idaho and Washington State University; March, 2008.

"Getting Straight Plato's Gods: The Philebus on Νοῦς and the World-soul"    
Triennial Symposium VIII of the International Plato Society; Trinity College, Dublin; July, 2007

"Response to Huffman's: 'The Early Pythagorean Conception of Soul' "
30th Annual Workshop in Ancient Philosophy; University of Texas, Austin; March, 2007

"Abstraction and Simple Ideas: Some Problems with Locke's Conceptualism"
•    Southeastern Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy; University of Richmond, 
November, 2006
•    Australasian Association of Philosophy, New Zealand Division Conference; Wellington, December, 2006

Works under submission

"Plotinus on Infinite Number"

"The Corporeality of the Stoic Principles and its Consequences"