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Errol Lord

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Graduate Chair

Ph.D. Princeton

Research Interests

Ethical Theory (metaethics, normative ethics, practical reason), Epistemology, Philosophy of Action, Aesthetics, Moral Psychology, Philosophy of Perception

Selected Publications

For more see my website here.

The Importance of Being Rational, Oxford University Press, 2018

"The Nature of Perceptual Expertise and the Rationality of Criticism" Ergo, 2020

"Reasons: Wrong, Right, Normative, Fundamental" (with Kurt Sylvan) Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy, 2019

"How to Learn about Aesthetics and Morality Through Acquaintance and Testimony" Oxford Studies in Metaethics, 2018

"What You're Rationally Required to Do and What You Ought to Do (Are the Same Thing!)" Mind, 2017

"On the Intellectual Conditions for Responsibility: Acting for the Right Reasons, Conceptualization, and Credit" Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 2017

"Prime Time (for the Basing Relation)" New Essays on the Basing Relation, 2019, edited by J. Adam Carter and Patrick Bondy

Weighing Reasons (co-edited with Barry Maguire), 2016, Oxford University Press 

"On the Rational Power of Aesthetic Testimony" 2016 British Journal of Aesthetics

"Justifying Partiality" 2016, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice

"Acting for the Right Reasons, Abilities, and Obligations," 2015, Oxford Studies in Metaethics v. 10

"The Real Symmetry Problem(s) for Wide-Scope Accounts of Rationality," 2014, Philosophical Studies

"An Opinionated Guide to the Weight of Reasons" (with Barry Maguire), in Weighing Reasons, 2016, Oxford University Press

"The Coherent and the Rational," Analytic Philosophy, 2014, 55, 2

"From Independence to Conciliationism: An Obituary," Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 2014, 92, 2

"Having Reasons and the Factoring Account," Philosophical Studies, 2010, 149, 3


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