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Daniel G. Swaim


  • MA in Philosophy, Louisiana State University (2016)
  • BA in Philosophy, Saint Edward's University (2013)

Non-Philosophy Interests:

When I'm not doing philosophy of science, I enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter, playing guitar, drinking craft beer, watching college sports, and reading science fiction/fantasy novels.

Research Interests

My primary research interests are in the history and philosophy of evolutionary biology, and philosophy of the natural sciences more broadly. I'm especially interested in the nature of scientific explanation and scientific judgment. I've mainly been drawn to two topics in the philosophy of scientific explanation: the nature of explanation in the "historical" sciences (evolution, paleontology, geology, etc.), and the nature of explanation in the scientific study of complex social phenomena.

I also have research interests in the philosophy of history, history of philosophy (esp. Kant and Hume), biomedical ethics, the metaphysics of science, and logic (esp. in relation to the structure of scientific explanation and inference).

Selected Publications

  • 2018. European Journal for Philosophy of Science: "The Economy of Nature: The Structure of Evolution in Linnaeus, Darwin, and The Modern Synthesis," co-author Charles H. Pence
  • 2019. Philosophy of Science. "The Roles of Possibility and Mechanism in Narrative Explanation." 
  • Forthcoming. Journal of Philosophy of History. "Past Facts and the Nature of History," co-author Adrian Currie