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Alkistis Elliot-Graves


MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences, London School of Economics and Political Science

B.A. European Social and Political Studies, University College London

Dissertation Title: 

 Target Systems and their Role in Scientific Inquiry


Benjamin Franklin Fellowship 2008-2012

George W.M. Bacon Fellow 2012-2013

Critical Writing Fellowship 2013-2014


Supervisor: Michael Weisberg

Committee: Christina Bicchieri, Dan Singer, Zoltan Domotor, Liz Camp

Research Interests

Philosophy of Science (Concepts and Methodology in Modeling, Target Systems, Ecology)

Philosophy of Biology 

Philosophy of the Social Sciences

Selected Publications

'Idealization' with M.Weisberg. Forthcoming in Philosophy Compass



"What is the Target of a Generalized Model?" ISHBSSB 2013 Montpellier

"Abstract and Complete" PSA 2012 San Diego 

"Abstraction and Conceptualization in Invasive Species Research" ISHPSSB 2011 Salt Lake City

"Is Ecological Inheritance necessary for Niche Construction?" Integrating Complexity 2010 London Ontario

"Why early humans did not think deductively", ISHPSSB 2009 Brisbane