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Alan Strudler

Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics and of Philosophy


J.D., Ph.D. University of Arizona

Research Interests

  • Ethics
  • Corporate responsibility

Selected Publications

“The Moral Problem in Insider Trading,” in Beauchamp and Brenkert (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Business Ethics (in press).

"Confucian Skepticism About Workplace Rights," Business Ethics Quarterly (2008).

"The Numbers Problem," Philosophy & Public Affairs (2006).(with D. Wasserman and N. Hsieh)

"Deception Unraveled," Journal of Philosophy (2005).

"Can a Nonconsequentialist Count Lives?" Philosophy & Public Affairs (2003). (with D. Wasserman)

"Moral Principle in the Law of Insider Trading," University of Texas Law Review 78 (1999). (wtih E. Orts)