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Tentative Courses: 3 Year Plan

See below and attached for provisional courses for Fall 2013-Spring 2016.

The following is the current three-year plan of courses to be rostered by the Philosophy Department. The plan is TENTATIVE and should be used only for general planning purposes. As you plan, make sure you leave yourself more than one way of fulfilling major and minor requirements.

The lists below for years *may* not include course offerings through LPS. Thus you can anticipate more courses offered throughout the years, including in the summers. Do bear in mind that LPS courses are open in the first instance to LPS students. While a few slots are originally available to non-LPS students, the bulk are reserved for LPS students until the start of term. Any unclaimed seats are then open to non-LPS students sometime during the first week of classes, but you should NOT depend upon these for fulfilling requirements.

The lists below also do not include courses from other departments, which we typically cross-list in philosophy, so you can anticipate yet a few more courses being added in future years.


While we hope to launch all courses listed below, we cannot guarantee that all will be offered. We do guarantee that there will be enough offerings for you to comfortably fulfill all major and minor requirements with careful planning on your part.

Click here to see the tentative course listings