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Major in Humanistic Philosophy

The Humanistic Philosophy major requires 16 courses: 8 in philosophy and 8 in other humanistic disciplines. There is a distribution requirement and a level requirement.

The distribution requirement is satisfied when a student has taken and passed the following six courses:

  • Phil 3 - History of Ancient Philosophy
  • Phil 4 - History of Modern Philosophy
  • Phil 5 - Logic
  • one course in contemporary theoretical philosophy such as: metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, and logic
  • two course in ethics or political philosophy

The level requirement is satisfied by a student taking at least three courses 200 or above, including one 300-level course (other than PHIL 310).

The eight course units outside of the Philosophy Department should include at least 4 courses in a single department. The courses outside of philosophy should complement the student's work in philosophy. Courses commonly selected for this purposes include political theory courses and constitutional law courses from the Political Science Department, intellectual history courses from the History Department, and religious thought courses from the Religious Studies Department. These courses cannot be introductory. The selection of the eight courses outside of philosophy must be approved by the Undergraduate Chairperson in Philosophy.