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Michael Weisberg

Professor and Chair of Philosophy

Co-Director of the Penn Laboratory for Understanding Science

Ph.D. Stanford University

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Biology
  • Philosophy of Chemistry
  • Public Understanding of Science
  • Cognitive Science

My primary research concerns the philosophical issues surrounding the scientific method. Specifically, I am interested in the construction, development, and analysis of theories and models in computationally complex sciences such as population biology and chemistry. I pursue these interests in a variety of projects spanning traditional as well as novel areas in philosophy of science, including philosophy of biology, philosophy of chemistry, and the social structure of science.

Selected Publications

Find me on PhilPapers:

Simulation and Similarity: Using Models to Understand the World, 2013, Oxford University Press.

"Three Kinds of Idealization," The Journal of Philosophy, 104 (12) 639-59.

“Robustness Analysis,”Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Science, 73, 730–742.

“Forty Years of `The Strategy': Levins on Model Building and Idealization,” Biology and Philosophy, 21(5), 623--645.

“Who is a Modeler?”, British Journal for Philosophy of Science, 58, 207–233.

“Qualitative Theory and Chemical Explanation,” Philosophy of Science, 71 (2004), 1071–1081.

“Water is Not H2O,” Philosophy of Chemistry: Synthesis of a New Discipline. Eds. D. Baird, et al. New York: Springer. 337-345.

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421 Cohen Hall

Monday, 3-4:30 and by appointment