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Congratulations to Cristina Bicchieri, who was awarded the Pufendorf Medal

Professor Cristina Bicchieri, S. J. P. Harvie Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, and Director of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program, has been awarded the Pufendorf Medal and has been invited to hold the Pufendorf lecture series at Lund University’s Department of Philosophy, Sweden. The lectures are open to the public and are given by either a prominent philosopher or cognitive scientist, or someone who combines these disciplines. Professor Bicchieri has been invited because of her outstanding interdisciplinary research on social norms, combining subtle philosophical analysis with psychological empirical work of high quality.

Previous Pufendorf lecturers have been Margaret Boden, David Armstrong, Philip Pettit, John R. Searle, Patricia Smith Churchland, Francois Recanati, Robert Stalnaker, T.M. Scanlon, Nicholas Humphrey, Nancy Cartwright, Christine M. Korsgaard, and Herbert H Clark.

The Pufendorf lectures are named after one of the most famous philosophers and academics from Lund University, Samuel von Pufendorf (1632-1694), who is perhaps best known for his impact on economic theory, by way of Adam Smith.