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Natasha Chlebuch

Department Administrator

B.A. Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

My research interests broadly seek to explore the iatrogenic effects of institutionalization on human development and cognition. Specifically, I am interested in exploring the ways in which adult and juvenile incarceration impact neurobiological and cognitive systems as well as out-of-home placements like group homes, residential treatment facilities, and psychiatric placements. 
Prior to becoming the department administrator in the Philosophy department at Penn, I served as the research coordinator in the Scientific Thinking and Representation Lab at Villanova University and a Youth and Family Advocate at the Montgomery County Youth Center. 

Selected Publications

Kase, C., Rivera, N., & Hunt, M.G. (2016). The effects of sorority recruitment on psychological wellbeing and social support. Oracle: The Research Journal of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors. 
Chlebuch, N., Weisberg, D.W., Goldstein, T. (2020). Fact or Fiction? Investigating the Relationship between Reading and Theory of Mind Abilities. Scientific Study of Literature.
Chlebuch, N., Bodas, A., & Weisberg, D. S. (2022). What Does the Cat in the Hat Know About That? An Analysis of the Educational and Unrealistic Content of Children’s Narrative Science Media. Psychology of Popular Media. Advance online publication.


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