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Justin Humphreys

Senior Fellow

BA Reed College, PhD New School

"Subconscious Inference in Peirce's Epistemology of Perception" Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society [Forthcoming]
"Aristotelian Imagination and Decaying Sense," Social Imaginaries 5:1, 37-55, Spring 2019.
"Review of Plato's Laughter," Ancient Philosophy 38:1, 191-196, Spring 2018.
"Abstraction and Diagrammatic Reasoning in Aristotle’s Philosophy of Geometry," Apeiron 50:2, 197-224, April 2017.
"Husserl’s Archaeology of Exact Science," Husserl Studies 30:2, 101-127, July 2014. 
Machine Fairness (Spring 2019)
History of Modern Philosophy (Spring 2019)
Aristotle (Fall 2018)
Introduction to Ethics (Fall 2018)