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Grace Boey

M.A. in Philosophy, New York University (2014)

I’m a philosophy PhD student at University of Pennsylvania. Before this, I graduated in May 2014 with an MA in philosophy from New York University, and worked from 2014-2015 as a Research Associate with the Philosophy Group at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.

My time at UPenn is being supported by NTU’s Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences International PhD Scholarship. Upon completion of my PhD, I’ll return to NTU as an Assistant Professor in Philosophy.


  • (February 2016) “Eyes Wide Shut and the Ethics of Monogamy” Philosophy and Film Series, Department of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania (USA)
  • (October 2015) “The Question of Mary Astell’s Feminism” Workshop on the History and Philosophy of Education, Department of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania (USA)
  • (March 2015) “Can we love animals and still eat them?” Philosophy Club Speaker Series, Philosophy Group, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)


  • (2015-20) Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences International PhD Scholarship, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
  • (2012-14) Graduate Fellowship, New York University (USA)


Research Interests

  • Moral philosophy: normative, applied, meta-ethics
  • Decision theory
  • Rationality, reasons
  • Feminism and race

Selected Publications


  • Eating Animals and Personal Guilt, forthcoming in Food Ethics, Oxford UP (edited by Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, Tyler Doggett and Andy Egan)


  • (2015) Mental Illness, the Identity Thief, The Incredible Intensity of Just Being Human, edited by Kate Vrijmoet.


I am a columnist for the website 3 Quarks Daily, where I write mostly on topics of applied ethics (but sometimes other things). Here are some of my articles:

  • (January 2016) Mary Astell: The Conservative Feminist
  • (November 2015) Straddling the Two Sides of Racial Privilege
  • (August 2015) Effective Altruism and its Blind Spots
  • (July 2015) Ethics and the Stanford Prison Experiment
  • (June 2014) Philosophy is a Bunch of Empty Ideas: Interview with Peter Unger
  • (February 2014) Eating Animals and Personal Guilt
  • (December 2013) Is applied ethics applicable enough? Acting and hedging under moral uncertainty