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Eilidh Beaton


I'm a fifth-year PhD candidate here in the Department of Philosophy. This year, I am also a Graduate Associate at Perry World House. Before this, I received my undergraduate degree in English and philosophy from the University of St Andrews.

My research interests lie in the areas of political philosophy and global justice. My dissertation project focuses on the migration and integration of refugees and displaced people. I am writing under the supervision of Kok-Chor Tan (dissertation supervisor), Brian Berkey, and Samuel Freeman.

For more information, see my website.



  1. 'Against the Alienage Condition for Refugeehood', Law and Philosophy, Jan 2020. Available here.

  2. 'Replacing the Persecution Condition for Refugeehood', ARSP (in conjunction with the IVR Young Scholar Prize). Forthcoming.

  3. With Matthew Lister: 'Refugees and Family Unification', in Handbook of Migration Ethics, ed. by Johanna Gördemann, Andreas Niederberger, and Uchenna Okeja (Dordrecht: Springer). Forthcoming.


Research Interests

  • Global Justice
  • Political Philosophy
  • Ethics


[Picture credit: Maura Kirk