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Ben Baker

Previous Degrees: 

B.A. in Philosophy, Economics - Brown University

J.D. - Yale University


"Natural Information, Factivity and Nomicity" - Souther Society for Philosophy and Psychology (2019)

"Neural Dynamics and Inner Representations" - SUNY Potsdam conference on Philosophy of Psychology (2017)

"The Neglected Side of the Dual-Process Distinction" - Society for Philosophy and Psychology Conference (2016)

"The Persistent Puzzle of Weakness of Will in Desire-First Theories of Action" - Philosopher's Coccoon Conference (2015)

Research Interests

My research mainly pertains to Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroscience. I have a secondary interest in the relationship between Agency and Moral Responsibility.


My dissertation project is about how what grounds the attribution of intentional representations. It has partitioned itself roughly into three main pieces; one on the transmission of information between parts of nature, one on explanation of higher-order pheomena by lower-order components, and one proposing a dynamic, self-organizing view the "Body" for the purposes of understanding how cognition is embodied.  


I am also passionate about hip-hop dance and active in the Philadelphia dance community.