Elske Straver

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Research Interests: 
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Epistemology
  • Cognitive science

My interests lie primarily in the intersection of philosophy of mind, psychology, anthropology and neuroscience. In particular, I am interested in how humans interact, and the mental mechanisms that are responsible for that. Since people form communities, and interact as communities as well, culture, as that which belongs to a community, plays a big part in human interaction. Underneath the cultural differences, however, we are all human. What it is that makes us human and thus part of a gregarious species is the question that interests me most.

Previous Degrees: 

Propedeuse in History (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) 2001
B.A. in Philosophy (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) 2005
M.A. in Philosophy (University of Calgary, Alberta) 2008


Empathy and propositional knowledge. Journal of Consciousness Studies. 2007.