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Placement Records

Sorted by Year of Graduation. Where applicable, first appointment is noted before current appointment.


Emily Parke, University of Auckland, Lecturer (tenure track).

Robert Hoffman, Indiana-Purdue University, Visiting Assistant Professor (2015-).


Christopher Melenovsky, UNC Chapel Hill, Visiting Assistant Professor (2015-).

Alkistis Elliott-Graves, University of Western Ontario, Rottman Postdoctoral Fellow (2015-).


Matthew Bateman, Franklin and Marshall, Visiting Assistant Professor (2012-13).

Wiebke Deimling, Halls Postdoctoral Fellowship, Indiana University (2 year fellowship starting 2013); Oklahoma University, Assistant Professor (tenure track), declined; Assistant Professor, Clark University, tenure track (starting 2015).

Kathleen Harbin, University of Richmond, Visiting Assistant Professor; Assistant Professor, SUNY Brockport, tenure track (starting 2014).


Krisanna Scheiter, Union College, Assistant Professor (tenure track).

Brad Winegar, Fordham University, Assistant Professor (tenure-track).


Uygar Abaci, University of British Columbia, Postdoctoral Fellowship (2010-12); University of Richmond, Assisant Professor,  tenure-track (2013-16); Penn State Univetsity, tenure track (2016-).

Brad Berman, Critical Writing Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania (2011-12); PortlandState University, Assistant Professor (2012, tenure-track).

Paul Franco, Haverford College, Visiting Assistant Professor (2011-12); University of Washington, Visiting Assistant Professor (2012-13).

Thomas Hilgers, Freie Universitat, Berlin, Research Associate (2011- ).

Mike Nance, St. Joseph’s University, Lecturer (2011-12); University of Maryland,Assistant Professor (2012; tenure-track).

Marcy Latta,  Critical Writing Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania (2011-12); Bryn Athyn College, Assistant Professor, tenure-track (starting 2013).

Jeppe Platz, Suffolk University, Assistant Professor (tenure-track); in conjunction with Postdoctoral Fellowship, Political Theory, Brown (2011-12).


Anna Cremaldi: Critical Writing Lecturer, Penn (2011-12); Assistant Professor, Appalachian State (2012, tenure-track).

Douglas Paletta: Critical Writing Lecturer, Penn (2010-11); Critical Writing Senior Fellow, Penn (2011-13); Associate Director, Critical Writing Programm, Penn (starting 2012).

Jason Rheins: Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (2010-11); Loyola University, Assistant Professor (2012, tenure-track).

Jason Skirry: Adjunct Professor, St. Thomas.


Daniel Munoz-Hutchinson: Assistant Professor, St Olaf (tenure-track)

Brian Chance: Adjunct Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Scott Edgar: Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia (09-11); ACLS Post-doctoral Fellow, Yale University(2011-13); Assistant Professor, St Mary's, Halifax, tenure track (starting 2013).

Matthew Lister: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Penn Law (09-11); University of Denver Law, Visiting Assistant Prof (starting 2012).

Ryan Muldoon: Post-Doctoral Fellow Western Ontario (09-11); PPE Post-Doc, Penn (starting 2011)


Mark Navin: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Oakland University

Ece Yetis – no information

Edward Epsen: Adjunct Professor, Champlain College

Susan Mills: Assistant Professor, Grant McEwan University (tenure-track)

Kathleen Moran: Assistant Professor, Brandeis (tenure-track)


Matthew Katz: Critical Writing Lecturer, Penn (2007-08); Adjunct Instructor, Central Michigan

Jennifer Dobe: Visiting Assistant Professor, Grinnell College


Zermatt Scutt: Assistant Professor, Howard University (tenure-track); Assistant Professor, Lehman, CUNY (tenure-track)


Jeffrey Scarborough: Philosophy Instructor, Stanford

Melina Bell: Assistant Professor, Washington and Lee (tenure-track)

Myrna Gabbe: Assistant Professor, Dayton (tenure-track)

Rory Goggins: Assistant Professor, Murray State (tenure-track)

Elizabeth Herschbach: no information

Yumiko Inukai: Associate Professor, UMass Boston (tenured)


Shane Duarte: Lecturer, Stanford University

Michael Rohlf: Assistant Professor, Skidmore (tenure-track); Assistant Professor, Catholic University (tenure-track).

Morgan Wallhagen: Adjunct Professor, Bryn Mawr; Instructor, Stanford On-Line High School (2013- ).


Allison Crapo: UC Hastings College of Law (JD awarded 2007)

Paul Litton: NEH Post-Doctoral Fellow; Assistant Professor, University of Missouri St Louis Law School (tenure-track)

John Oberdiek: Arnold & Porter (Associate); Associate Professor, Rutgers Law (tenured)

Thomas Sullivan: Law Clerk, US District Court

Micah Elazar: Penn Law (JD 2005); Venable (Associate)

Joseph Farber: Pepper Hamilton (Associate)

Cynthia Schossberger: Associate Professor, S. Illinois University (tenured)

Lucas Thorpe: Assistant Professor, Bilkent University, Turkey (tenure-track); Assistant Professor, Bogaziçi University, Turkey (tenured)


Todd Bates: Visiting Fulltime Instructor, Central Florida University; Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Religion and Humanities, Bethune Cookman University (tenure track, 2008-11)

Marc Cohen: Associate Professor, Seattle University (tenured)

Autumn Fiester: Director of Graduate Studies, Center for Medical Ethics, Penn

Satoshi Ogihara: Faculty, Tohoku University (tenured)

Anya Plutynski: Associate Professor, Utah (tenured); Washington University in St Louis, tenured (2013- ).